Mar 182014
Fate knocking on the door

Fiona likes to listen to music. She likes to listen to classical music. Now she is listening to Beethoven’s 5th symphony. The music is about Fate knocking on the door. Fate is the unseen power of life. Fate changes our lives. Fate designs our lives. Fiona likes this music. She feels the power of music. Suddenly, somebody knocks on her door. She goes to the door and opens it. There is a man at the door. The man is old. He has grey hair and a grey beard. She doesn’t know who the person is. The man says he is her father. She closes the door in front of the man. She stays at the door and thinks. She has a father. Her father is dead now. She doesn’t know the man at the door. She doesn’t understand why he says he is her father. She wants to call the police. Just then she can see a photo under the door. The man is giving her a photo. She looks at the photo. She can see herself with a man she doesn’t know. It is she because she has many photos from times when she was a young girl. Is the man the same man who is standing in front of her door? She must find out. She opens the door. She asks the man if he is lying or not. The man tells her he is telling the truth. She invites him for a cup of coffee. They sit down and drink coffee. They start talking about life. He tells her everything that he knows. She listens. Sometimes she is surprised. Sometimes she is shocked. Sometimes she cries. Sometimes she laughs. They are listening to Beethoven. This time it was not fate, but her father who was knocking on the door.