Mar 172014
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Ken is a clever boy. He is twenty. He studies at university. He is ill. He takes illegal drugs. He must leave university. Ken is poor. He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t have any money. He lives on the streets. He walks on the streets and looks into garbage bins. A garbage bin is a box into which people put things they don’t need. Ken looks into many garbage bins a day. He looks for bottles and cans. He needs the bottles to have money. He sells the bottles. He finds more bottles than he can sell. He doesn’t know what to do with the extra bottles. He meets a good man, a priest from the local church. This good man gives him a good idea. Ken uses the idea which will change his life. They rent an unused place and change it into a bottle station. There are many homeless people who come there and bring thousands of bottles and containers. Some containers are from plastic, some are from glass and some are from tin. Tin containers are used to conserve food. They are also called cans. The bottle station does a very good job. It does a better job than many stores. They turn it into a good business for homeless people. Ken and his bottle station helps homeless and poor people. After many years Ken gets a degree from the local university.