Aug 182014

Mara is a traveller. She visits many countries and cities. She likes to travel but she likes to be at home too. She flies to Great Britain. She has a good time there. One day she has a bad day. She breaks her left arm. She goes to the airport to fly home. The officer at the airport tells her she cannot fly home. Mara doesn’t understand. She tells the officer that she likes Britain but she wants to go home. The officer tells her she needs to have a paper from a doctor. The doctor must write down that she can fly with a broken arm. She thinks this is stupid. She feels fine and she can fly. She wants to go home. The officer repeats that she cannot fly without the paper from the doctor. Mara does not know where to get the paper. She goes on the internet to find a doctor. Not far from the airport she finds a doctor. She goes to the doctor. The doctor gives her the paper she needs. She goes back to the airport, buys another ticket and waits for her airplane. When the officer comes, Mara shows him the paper from the doctor. The officer reads the paper and lets Mara fly. Mara is happy. It was a bad holiday but she is on her way home.

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