Mar 182014
A Chinese vase

A Chinese vase.
(Photo by André Karwath, via Wikimedia Commons)

Anthony is an antique dealer. He buys and sells old things. He buys and sells old paintings, dishes, furniture, clothes, books and many other things. One day he buys an old vase. It is from China. It looks original and it is not expensive. It still costs more than an modern vase. A few days later he reads the newspaper. He sees a photo of the same vase he has in his shop. The text says some people stole the vase from a museum. They say it is very expensive. Anthony jumps up from his chair and brings the vase to his desk. He sits down and continues to read. After every sentence he looks up from the newspaper at the vase. At the end of the text he learns that the vase is the only one. There is no other vase like his. This is a big shock to him. He has a vase that belongs to a museum. He paid a lot of money for this vase. If the vase is original, he has to give it back. He doesn’t know what to do. He knows what he has to do. He has to call the police. If he calls the police, he will not have the vase, nor money. Before he does anything he must be 100 percent sure. He doesn’t want the police to think he is stupid. He opens his notebook. He looks for information on the internet. He wants to find more photos and more information about the vase.